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Monthly Parking Monthly Parking Permit, Apply Here, for Purchase or Wait List. Rate: $85. Evening & Weekend Monthly Permit, Apply Here. Rate: $45 Daily Parking Pay station accepts cash & credit. Payment by Passport app also available. Rates:…

Monthly Parking All Day Permit, Apply Here Evening & Weekend Permit, Apply Here. Daily Parking Pay Stations located in middle of parking lot and along Dock St. $5-6 Zone 522

Monthly Parking Evening & Weekend Monthly Permits: Apply Here. Rate: $45 Weekday permits unavailable.  Daily Parking Evening & Weekend Parking Available via the Passport app or mobile number. Zone 547  

Daily Rate: Pay station on premises accepts cash / credit. Monthly Parking For All Day Permits, Apply Here. $70  Zone: 548

Monthly Parking All Day Parking Permit, Apply Here, for Purchase or Wait List. Daily Parking Pay stations on site for cash & credit. Rates start at $4 hour & $20 all day. Evenings & weekends vary depending on event. Range: $10-15. Happy…