New Monthly Parking Signup System

CityParking Launches New Monthly Parking Site

Effective February 2020, CityParking is launching a revamped Monthly Parking Signup site and process for purchasing monthly parking, receiving invoices, setup auto pay, and making changes to your account whether you are an individual or business.

Step #1 – Visit the CityParking Monthly Parking web page:


Step #2 – In the address bar, type in an address or neighborhood where CityParking operates. Once entered, a list of locations will be viewable. 


Step #3 – Explore the locations and once one is settled on. Click “Park Here” to start the signup process. 

Important Notes About the Sign Up Process:

  • Parking is pro-rated by 1/2 months. If your start date is Feb. 5, for example, then you are responsible for the full month of parking for February.
  • Pre-payment of the following month is required for account activation. Example – Sign up on Feb. 8 and first payment will be for February & March.
  • Invoices for subsequent months will be sent within 2-3 weeks of the next billing cycle. For example, April parking invoice will be received by Mar. 10 and must be paid by end of March to continue parking.
  • Cancellations must be provided with 30 day notice.
  • Very Important: Please register your vehicle under your contact information. The license plate is how we enforce the lot (except for facilities with access cards). 


About City Parking

Parking Operator based in Richmond, Virginia. Family owned since 2004 w/ locations in Richmond & Norfolk.