Coming Soon... New Shockoe Bottom Parking Location

We are excited to begin offering daily and monthly parking off of East Broad St. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the MCV and Commonwealth of Virginia campuses from this super convenient location. Thanks to White Oak Landscaping for the amazing work at transforming this very industrial looking site to a clean and safe parking area. Daily rates will be $5. Passport payments only, so you’ll need a cell phone. Sign up for a $75 monthly permit here . Lot identification is Lot 16 – Hungerford.

Coming soon... Over 100+ spaces located within 5 minute walk of the MCV campus.

Coming soon… Over 100+ spaces located within 5 minute walk of the MCV campus.



My Parking Wallet

Portable Network Graphics image-72A06E3A9DCC-1

Screen shot of Passport’s Wallet features.

Some of our Passport users have already figured out that by pre-purchasing blocks of parking, they can save a few bucks. This is how it works:

Download the Passport app to your iPhone or Android device.

  1. After you have setup your user account, you are ready to start parking. CityParking offers Passport at 12 locations around the downtown area.
  2. You have parked your car and see the yellow and black signs showing the Zone number. After you have entered the Zone number and corresponding Space Number or License Plate, you are ready to pay.
  3. There are two options – Credit/Debit Card and Wallet. The first option will charge your card on file the advertised rate. The Wallet option reveals deals currently being offered if a block of parking is purchased. Right now, there is a purchase $25 and receive $3 free. We will be creating new offers throughout the year.

So who would want to use a Wallet instead of just paying for parking?

The few dozen folks who currently use the wallet tend to be commuters who find themselves downtown frequently for meetings but not enough to purchase a monthly pass. This is also a great option for:

  • Students
  • Visitors staying in the area for a few days. Hint hint: UCI 2015
  • Service workers

Please call or contact us with more questions or suggestions.