No Cold Hands Parking Promo Now Available!

No Cold Hands Winter Promo!Ever tried to insert dollar bills into a pay station in 20 degree weather? It usually involves removing the gloves and with shaking blue hands, trying to thread a rumpled up bill into an uncooperative acceptor. Kind of miserable. Well, how about paying for parking from the inside of a heated car?

Until March 31, CityParking is offering a new Wallet promo called “No Cold Hands”. $15 in parking buys you $20 in parking time. This is available at 14 locations in downtown, Jackson Ward, Monroe Ward, Shockoe Bottom, and near MCV.

To signup, go here!

Jim's Parking

CityParking Begins Management of Jim’s Parking Locations on Grace Street

We are proud to assume management of the oldest parking brand in Richmond: Jim’s Parking. A few fun facts about Jim’s (thanks to the Richmond Times-Dispatch archive):

Grace & Foushee

Grace & Foushee

  • The first Jim’s lot was started in 1933 at the corner of 9th & Cary.
  • Jim’s is a rearrangement of the initials of the founder: Irving Joseph Meyers.
  • At one time, there were over three dozen Jim’s locations in downtown.

We have monthly parking availability at Grace & Foushee (Lot 45). Rates begin at $65  month. $5 daily parking is available via Passport mobile payments. A pay station will be installed in the coming weeks.

Richmond Marathon Parking Options

When: Saturday, Nov. 14

Where: This year the start line is at 5th & Grace St.

th-1Closest Parking: For the first time, reservations can be made for the race using ParkingPanda at the most convenient location of 6th & Main Parking Deck (next to Capital Ale House on Main St.)

To signup for Parking Panda, go to their website, enter “downtown Richmond, VA” and our parking deck will appear as an option. To redeem, print out the reservation or download the app to your device. The gate reader will process the valid code and raise the gate.

For a complete map of locations, follow this link.


UCI Recap - Parking Operator Perspective

In 1993, the Jerry Garcia Band played the Richmond Coliseum. I wish that I could find the Times Dispatch article online because basically it described an invasion of hippie hordes that left mountains of trash in its wake. One parking manager called it the worse thing he had seen since Vietnam. Seriously. I remember that quote. I was at that show and the scene and the vibe was pretty much like any typical concert. In the early 90s, I probably saw more craziness at Richmond Renegades games than a Jerry show.  (more…)

UCI Weekday Update / Back to Normal

Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth. (Mike Tyson)

So, the plan was to beef staff up, program new rates for pay stations and mobile pay, and hold on tight while the downtown streets clogged up with commuters and bike race spectators. Not exactly what happened. In fact, it’s fair to say that we have MORE parking than what is typical for a September weekday.

Except for a few select parking lots, we are going to back to previous rates. Here’s hoping that RVA clears its busy schedule and comes downtown to see for themselves the amazing spectacle of cyclists tearing down our pretty streets. Businesses need the support & just not parking operators.

We’ll have one more update for the final weekend!

UCI Weekend #1 Parking Info

Starting Saturday, Sep. 18, our event parking rates increase to $10 at ALL of our lots, except for Main & Foushee and 1st & Canal which will be $5. Yes, that’s twice the usual event rate, but this isn’t your typical downtown event (we hope). Here’s a few tips to help navigate parking close to the race routes & main gathering spots.

Closest lot to the Fan Zone: 1st & Marshall

Lots easily accessible from I-195 (Downtown Expressway): 6th & Canal, 5th & Canal, 4th & Canal

Lots closest to Main Street Station: 15th & Main, 15th & Cary

We have pay kiosks at several of these locations, honor boxes at a couple, and Passport at all of them. Hint: Download the app and save yourself plenty of time.


UCI 2015 Opening Ceremony Parking Details

When: 6:30pm, Friday, Sep. 18

Where: Brown’s Island

Expected attendance: 12,000

CityParking Locations:

Click on the link for more information, including driving directions. 

6th & Canal: $5

5th & Canal: $5

4th & Canal: $5

6th & Main Deck: $6 (reservations only).

We encourage visitors to register with Passport and pay with their phones. Zone information is located on the yellow signs.

Parking Reservations Now Available in RVA

Now introducing a stress free way to RESERVE parking for concerts, restaurants, and downtown events at an great location. PARKING PANDA. We’ve already heard from some customers that they love this service in places like Baltimore & DC. Basically, ParkingPanda will find available parking locations near a certain address and offer a choice of pre-reserved parking options. Reserved means that you are GUARANTEED A PARKING SPACE.

Panda Scan - Now at 6th & Main Parking Deck.

Panda Scan – Now at 6th & Main Parking Deck.

Once a parking reservation is made, you may either print out a copy or better yet, download the Parking Panda app. Our 6th & Main Deck (i.e. the Pink Deck), has a PandaScan scanner located at far left entrance. Once the valid barcode is scanned via paper or app, the gate will open and go find a space. No messing around with cash or credit cards. Now, you can go to Cap Ale House, Carpenter Theater, Greenleaf Poolroom, Pasture, Brown’s Island, etc… & enjoy your evening (instead of circling for parking spaces).

Rate: $6 – Evenings, Weekends. EASY!

New Shockoe Bottom Parking Location

We are excited to begin offering daily and monthly parking off of East Broad St. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the MCV and Commonwealth of Virginia campuses from this super convenient location. Thanks to White Oak Landscaping for the amazing work at transforming this very industrial looking site to a clean and safe parking area. Daily rates will be $4. Passport payments only, so you’ll need a cell phone. Sign up for a $75 monthly permit here . Lot identification is Lot 16 – Hungerford.

Coming soon... Over 100+ spaces located within 5 minute walk of the MCV campus.

Coming soon… Over 100+ spaces located within 5 minute walk of the MCV campus.

We will be accessible during the UCI Bike Races. Walk to Libby Hill! Also, easy alternative parking for employees and visitors to MCV!



My Parking Wallet

Portable Network Graphics image-72A06E3A9DCC-1

Screen shot of Passport’s Wallet features.

Some of our Passport users have already figured out that by pre-purchasing blocks of parking, they can save a few bucks. This is how it works:

Download the Passport app to your iPhone or Android device.

  1. After you have setup your user account, you are ready to start parking. CityParking offers Passport at 12 locations around the downtown area.
  2. You have parked your car and see the yellow and black signs showing the Zone number. After you have entered the Zone number and corresponding Space Number or License Plate, you are ready to pay.
  3. There are two options – Credit/Debit Card and Wallet. The first option will charge your card on file the advertised rate. The Wallet option reveals deals currently being offered if a block of parking is purchased. Right now, there is a purchase $25 and receive $3 free. We will be creating new offers throughout the year.

So who would want to use a Wallet instead of just paying for parking?

The few dozen folks who currently use the wallet tend to be commuters who find themselves downtown frequently for meetings but not enough to purchase a monthly pass. This is also a great option for:

  • Students
  • Visitors staying in the area for a few days. Hint hint: UCI 2015
  • Service workers

Please call or contact us with more questions or suggestions.